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  1. Transmigration, 2015 by Debra Ong from Nasiruddin on Vimeo.

    Performance sculpture collaboration with Tang Da Wu, Founder of The Artists Village
    Videography by M Nasiruddin Bar

    Music by Lyonn
    "We'll Light The Sky"
    All rights reserved. 

  2. Studies for Totem, 2015

    300 x 300mm

    Ink and Charcoal on Watercolour Paper

  3. Totem, 2015

    Totem, 2015

    Totem, 2015

    Ink and charcoal on Fabriano Watercolour Paper

    1500 x ~2500-3000mm


  4. Rivers, 2015

    Set of 4 Giclee Prints Mounted on Foam Board

    397 x 265mm

  5. Rivers II, 2015

    Giclee Print mounted on Foam Board

    594 x 420mm