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  1. Watch in HD

    Documentation of 'Transmigration' at Flaneur Gallery. Invited to show work in response to the historic sungei road flea market and the Jalan Besar area which used to house Singapore Ice Works (Est. 1958), pioneer ice-making plant in Singapore that brought refrigeration and air-conditioning to the sunny island.

    Each block weighing 140kg, stacked on top of each other and melted over the course of 12 hours.

    This staging is not possible without the sponsors and collaborators and Flaneur gallery, sungei road vendors (thanks for coming!), videographers Quinn Lum and Adar Ng full credits in the video

    Music by Mark McGuire
    "Wonderland of Living Things"
    All rights reserved. 


    15 January 2016


    Ice, Ink and Artist's Brush

    Performance Sculpture

  2. Transmigration, 2015 by Debra Ong from Nasiruddin on Vimeo.

    Performance sculpture collaboration with Tang Da Wu, Founder of The Artists Village
    Videography by M Nasiruddin Bar

    Music by Lyonn
    "We'll Light The Sky"
    All rights reserved. 

  3. Studies for Totem, 2015

    300 x 300mm

    Ink and Charcoal on Watercolour Paper

  4. Totem, 2015

    Totem, 2015

    Totem, 2015

    Totem, 2015

    Totem, 2015

    Ink and charcoal on Fabriano Watercolour Paper

    1500 x ~2500-3000mm