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  1. Held on 20th Sept 2019 in Gillman Barracks as part of the biannual Art After Dark event and part of the exhibition "EATEN: A Capsule Museum"

    This work explores the idea of the spectacle and it’s consumption in an alternate yet familiar way. As participants enter the world of Sensilia, they take on different roles as they oscillate between connection and alienation from each other. Their interactions reflect artificial boundaries which dissolve and reappear with the help of invisible radio technology. Sensilia is inspired by its root word ‘Sensillum’ which are ‘sense organs’ used to respond to stimuli from outside an insect or arthropod’s seemingly tough exoskeleton. The highlight of Sensilium leaves one in a liminal state of sensing, feeling and responding to the psychological and cognitive influence of sound.


  2. Moving Arcade, 2019, explores the public space in a non-intrusive, non-sectarian and convivial way where common spaces are proffered as spaces with the power to connect people, reveal connections, separations, and underlying interdependence. (Disclaimer given: Due to the nature of the performance, you may become a participant or remain uncertain if a performance has started. Please do not attempt to verify, thank you and see you there.) Moving Arcade was organized by members of TAC as well as the Wuwei Performance Series team.